A series of postures performed in a heated room to make you work the entire body, tone your muscles, promote weight loss, reduce stress, and increase your overall vitality. This class incorporates strength, balance, and flexibility. Yoga will teach you to stimulate the mind and restore and reshape the body.


Get ultra-lean and intensely defined with this combination of pilates and yoga-inspired moves, set at a faster pace for a serious fat burn and a FUN session. Expect hardcore results from this low-impact, high-octane workout!

Candlelight Yoga

This class may just become your latest addiction. The perfect combination of exertion and relaxation after a long day, Candlelight Yoga flows through postures that quiet your mind and strengthen your body.

TRX Flow

If you're looking for a workout that strengthens, lengthens, and relaxes your muscles, this is the one for you. Suspension training allows you to work deep into each muscle group in a manner not possible with traditional weight training. Vinyasa flow moves lengthen your muscles for a balanced and efficient total body workout.