We are the exclusive studio in the southeast Baton Rouge and Prairieville areas to offer the well-respected BarreAmped method of barre fitness. Our program focuses on FORM, and BarreAmped instructors are intensively trained to correct and refine your positioning during each workout.
BarreAmped is a precision-oriented technique that focuses on small, isolated movements fusing pilates, strength training, and dance. It burns fat, increases metabolism, and lengthens tight muscles. Because of the FORM-first emphasis, you will get recognizable results exactly where you want them. This class is for anyone looking to shed pounds, tone up, stretch out, and de-stress.


This is our traditional barre program. No experience needed. Just come prepared to change your body!

BarreAmped Advanced

For the client looking to take those holds a little deeper and longer, we offer an advanced version of our BarreAmped class to build your barre endurance.

BarreAmped FIRE

This is our most challenging barre workout - a fast-paced, intense barre workout designed to set those muscles on FIRE and [re]FORM your fitness entirely. (Attend at least 5 BarreAmped sessions before trying this class.)

BarreAmped Bootcamp

BarreAmped Bootcmap uses the classic foundation of BarreAmped, combined with cardio intervals to burn fat fast. This program relies on high intensity interval training to shake up your workout.

BarreAmped Extreme Cardio

This class is similar to our BarreAmped bootcamp format, with a little something special added! We work the thighs, seat, upper body, and core. During the cardio portion, we implement a Tabata plyometric exercise that sends the body straight into the fat burning zone.